We’re excited to announce that the new CPR Jig was picked by Fishing
Tackle Retailer as one of the best new products  for 2023 in the spoon
and jig category.  Congratulations to our design team for their efforts.
Below is a copy of the FTR page.





"The new CPR Jig is more than just a name to us.  It’s a nod to all our first responders, our military, and fishing conservation as a whole.  CATCH. PHOTO. RELEASE.  The CPR Jig is the answer to football head needs.  It’s centered around an Owner “Deep Throat” hook with a unique style flat football head creating a stand-up approach for your plastic trailer.  Add in 3-D red eyes, a recessed hook eye for less snags, and a corkscrew trailer keeper and you have a jig that’ll turn heads.  Finally, Invisible to all including the fish is our stainless-steel adjustable wire weed guard that performs great in brush.  Available in 3/8 oz, ½ oz, and ¾ oz.  in 13 varieties of silicone skirt.  Retail $5.99.  www.wizardcustomtackle"























MO Bling 3 Arm








Get what you need for cold water.


MO Bling Rig
MO Bling Rig